A brand new pack is on the way !

Keyplan 3D will soon welcome a brand new pack, many times asked by our community : the countryside pack !

This pack will be available soon in our in-app shop !

Want to escape ?

While we’re facing a complicated sanitary context, some of you might have elsewhere desires… Maybe did you ever ask yourself if you should leave the city to live under the countryside fresh air. Without having to leave your house overnight, Keyplan 3D will soon suggest you a smooth transition thanks to its new countryside pack ! 


New exclusive objects and animals !

The countryside pack will be the opportunity to discover a whole universe inspired by the farming life. Renovate your garden, grow your vegetables or start raising your own animals : more than a hundred new items are waiting for you !

Among a dozen of new animals, you will find, for instance, duck, chicken, sheep, cow, bunny, dog, horse and many more !

Here are a few examples :






You will also have the possibility to create your own enclosures to take care of the animals you always dreamed of ! Indeed, you will get access to loads of new objects !

Among them, you will find objects to decorate your garden (fontain, pool, birdhouse, hut, letter box…), a wide choice of fences and gates, some agricultural objects (cisterns, tiller…), electrical production objects (wind turbines, solar panels…) and many more !

Few items from the pack


An almost true-to-life modeling !

Each new animal or object has been modeled in 3D by our team piece by piece with a breathtaking eye for details ! Proportions are precise and textures have been respected as closely as possible in order to strengthen the immersion.



To make an object appear as real as possible, it is necessary to analyze each part independently to assemble them subsequently. That’s a sort of puzzle.

The picture below shows, for instance, the degree of precision required to model a tiller in 3D.

Work In Progress – Tiller

At first, we start from nothing. Therefore, we must find out inspiration from several photos. After carefully observing the object thanks to numerous and different points of view, we can define the parts that will be assembled one by one.

We can see, on the left of the previous picture, a list of all the parts necessary to the achievement of the tiller.


For the rendering to be realistic, we must then add the good textures on each part of the item.

The picture below shows the example of a sheep being created without textures. We can notice that it is a set of polygons (1.828 here) with different dimensions. However, even if we can distinguish the sheep’s shape, the result lacks of realism. That’s the purpose of textures.

Work In Progress – Sheep without textures

Work In Progress – Sheep with textures

Several examples of different textures, applied to objects or animals, are exposed on the picture below.

Work In Progress – Some few items from the pack

For instance, for the horse we need to work on the texture from the mane, the hooves and also the fur. Moreover, the fur will not be the same depending on which body part we’re working on. It will be brown on the major part of the body but also black on the legs and white on the head and above the hooves. This color application process will be similar to the dog’s fur or the duck’s feathers.

Concerning objects, that’s the same principle. We notice a shiny metal texture for the wheelbarrow in contrast to the matt stone of the fountain or to the plastic watering can. We can also find water, wood or straw textures on other pack items.



When will the countryside pack be released ?

For the most impatients of you, just know that the wait will be short. Indeed, this pack will be available during the month of july !

We will communicate further during its launch so stay tuned !

Thank you for your support towards Keyplan 3D !


Quasarts Team


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