FAQ : House Designer Questions & Answers

Frequently asked Questions & Answers about our home design software


Q : How to use Keyplan 3D ?

A : Keyplan 3D is very easy to use, you don’t need to have a lot of knowledge in architecture or interior design to master the app. There is an in-app tutorial that will guide you as well as several videos on YouTube.

Q : Is Keyplan 3D free ?

A : Yes, Keyplan 3D is free if you download the Lite version. If you enjoy the app, you can then unlock the complete version and packs with loads of items to create the perfect home !

Q : On which platforms is Keyplan 3D available ?

A : Keyplan 3D is available on the AppStore for iPhone and iPad. However, we’re currently working on a Keyplan 3D version for android. It is not expected to be available for pc (Windows) or mac at the moment.

Q : How to share my project ?

A : This is very simple, open the “house” button, it will display the project menu. Tap on any plans preview, and on the bottom right corner, you will have 3 buttons, one to share a 3D and 2D preview from the “JPG” icon, one “KPL” icon, to share an editable Keyplan 3D plan and a “PDF” file including precise measures and scalable.

Q : What kind of evolution should I expect ?

A : We just released a new plan import system, and many other unique features. In the future we would like to add dynamic levels to create a second floor and a roof.

Q : Do you plan to add new furnitures ?

A : Yes, first, we will add furnitures for free, you’ll just have to update your application and you will automatically receive the new objects. In the future, because, we plan to add much more, we will sell furniture pack for a very cheap price with an in-app shop. It will contain many objects with different theme, like asian, african, modern, ancient furniture styles and so on.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to have a special furniture added. We also provide custom pack for professionals like dentist cabinet pack, sound recording studio pack , restaurant pack and many more.


Q : How to make a second floor ?

A : Level management is not yet implemented in our application. What you can do as a temporary fix, is to create a project for each level. It is possible to write down notes in the project manager menu so you can keep track of each related levels.

Q : Can I add separating walls inside a room ?

A : Yes, it is possible and very easy to do. Our Keyplan 3D engine manage automatically what should be created as a separating or main base structural wall. Users do not have to think about that, there is no complex parameter or special menu to be understood, everything is done by our intelligent engine. You will see that the surface of any rooms takes into account when an interior wall is added, this is a unique feature on mobile application. It makes you surface calculation very accurate and very useful.


Q : Can I create wall cabinet ?

A : Our wall creation tool, allow users to divide, cut, reduce the structure of any rooms created. With the same tool, you can create a wall cabinet by creating a smaller room with on one of its wall a cabinet door available in our doors & windows library. It is even possible to paint the door to match your taste and make your design House truly unique.

Q : Can I create a children room ?

A : Keyplan 3D is a very flexible House design App. You can create almost every kind of room you could think about. Possibilities are infinite. We designed in our Furnishing library a special set of object especially made for children. You will find many choices like an old wooden Horse toy or some modern toy to make your creation more realistic and lively.

Q : What about parent’s room ?

A : There are about 400 objects in our Furniture library. We grouped around some general theme like “Living Room”, “Kitchen”, “Bathroom” and so on, to make search easier. For parents there are plenty of objects, many bed styles, carpets, cabinets, that you can customize in size and colour. Many new objects will be added on a regular basis. Keyplan 3D lets you build your dream home, a cozy place for all your family.

Q : Can I create a living room with Keyplan 3D ?

A : Of course, we have a particular theme for living room in our object library. It contains dozen of objects to make a simple empty room a nice and warm living room. Several styles are available like rustic, traditional, or modern. Sofa, carpet and TV are also available, we even added painting for some of you with artistic taste.
With our unique hidden wall feature, you can even create very easily an open-plan kitchen, just create a room, divide it with a wall and click on the hide button. You will be able to paint the ground with different textures, like ceramic or parquet flooring. We also have a resizable bar object to be used as a simple separator.

Q : Can I use Keyplan 3D to create a Bathroom

A : Of course, we have a particular theme for bathroom in our object library. Several kind of bathtub, shower and tap are available. In the texture library, you can paint using not only colour but realistic ceramic, with different sizes and images. Many different style can be created by combining every elements with each other.
Using a small room as the Shower room, you can create walk-in shower or even a jacuzzi in no-time, painting directly the ground and walls.
Various type of bath are available. The power of our application is to let you build anything you want, even if you can’t afford it, you will be able a get a taste of how it would look like, avoir error and mistake before purchasing your furnishings.
In Keyplan it is possible edit any objects, you can change size but also positioning. You can even rotate or mirror any furnitures to be as close as possible to your project. If our corner bath available has a different orientation, just press “mirror” button in Keyplan 3D to reverse its position. Right handed can become left handed in just a click.

Q : Can I create an fully fitted kitchen

A : Yes, we got messages from our current customers who were very happy to create a very customized kitchen with many elements from our Kitchen furnishing library. Editing each element like door or cabinet handle with custom colour and render, they were able to present in detail their project to professional kitchen designer who were amazed by such a flexible and powerful tool.

Q : What about exterior decoration ? I love gardening for example…

A : Well, our App is made for you. Exterior decoration is possible and will be improved constantly. We already have a set of objects like trees, barbecue, fences to make a wonderful exterior. You can model a room and remove its walls which will become a nice terrace where you will be able to place any objects you want. There are dozen of garden furniture, for every tastes, and we will add more and more on a regular basis.

Q : What are the different categories of texture and flooring ?

A : We have many different choices to paint your furnitures, your walls or even the floor. Classic or modern tiles are available. Old stone walls or plaster can be applied anywhere. Wooden floor category contains many different styles too.


Q : Can I use Keyplan 3D in my Interior Design company ?

A : It is already the case, and we encourage people to use our application in the professional field. On any circumstances, we advise you to use our App as a starting point to discuss and design your projects.  

Q : Can I print my plan to use them for my own property ?

A : Yes, by using our App sharing capabilities, like sending your floor plan and 3D rendering by email you can freely use the result and print it on any platform and medium. You can even make screenshot directly inside Keyplan 3D for detailed view that you will be able to download from your device image gallery.

Q : I’m a Real Estate Agent, can I present my apartment on sale with Keyplan 3D ?

A : We designed our Application for a broad audience. We are currently working with real estate agency. Feel free to use our App. This is a powerful selling tool, allowing your customers to virtually visit before buying your product. There is a 30% engagement increase when a customer can see a 3D preview of its future home. Imagine that even before having a look or visit a place, he can start decorating to its own taste without having his mind taken by the current decoration. Potentials are huge to sell more and faster.


Q : Which languages are available in Keyplan 3D ?

A : Currently, our application is fully translated in English, French, Japanese, Italian and Spanish. We will add more languages very soon.

Q : Do you support imperial units ?

A : Yes, in the option menu, you can change in real time your measurement system from Metric to Imperial with having to change or prepare anything.  


Q : How can I walk in my House after its design ?

A : There is a Help button “?” in the project menu which explain in detail how to use our camera. Simply spread your finder to zoom in, keep going until you will see your point of view “landing” on the ground, then you can use two fingers drag to move around freely.

Q : Can I move my furniture in 3D ?

A : Yes, It’s possible to edit even the height of any object in 3D, this is completely transparent, when you use the floor plan view and the 3D view, buttons and interfaces will adapt automatically. Many parameters can be changed anytime, anywhere.

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